• Our Mission

    Our Mission is simple. Create high quality, small batch products that help men with aspirations of growing a beard make it a reality. 814 Beard Company wants to share knowledge of our passion for growing beards.

  • Our Dream

    To build a community of like-minded men to create support for our brothers that give up too early or are embarrassed by patches. Let us show you a better way!

  • Our Values

    We are a small, but passionate company that believes in the connection of community and brotherhood. We value quality of our products and knowledge we share.

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High Quality

Our hand-made products meet high standards. 814 beard products are made in small batches with only the best ingredients to ensure high quality.

Skull Gang Ambassador Tested

We never test our products on animals! All scents and products are tested with our Skull Gang Ambassadors to ensure quality products and scents.


We want to build brotherhood! The idea of high quality products and honest information is a high priority for us.

Keep an eye out for Skull Gang Ambassador expansion!