Why Grow A Beard?

Why Grow A Beard?

Beards have become very popular recently and commonly used to shape a man's style. Beards are more then just a mere accessory though. There are some advantages for men that grow beards. Some are mental, while some physical, but all beneficial. Let's talk about some of the reasons why you should grow a beard.


Men tend to be more successful in all aspects of their lives when they feel confident. Beards are often synonymous with power and manliness.

 Sun and Wind Protection

Research has proven that full beards are able to protect the underlying skin from Sun and Wind damage that is accumulated over time. This leads to healthier and younger looking skin with less wrinkles. Beards can also protect against Sun burns and ultimately help prevent certain cancers.

 Natural Filter

All hair on your body acts as a natural filter. This is the same for your beard and mustache. Beards can help reduce allergies and hay fever, while keeping some airborne bacteria out of your mouth and nose.


The simple fact is that if your grow a full beard, there are way less pores to be clogged or infected, so your beard is helping prevent acne. Shaving can also spread bacteria across your face, which can lead to more acne or even infections.

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