Why Use Beard Products?

Why Use Beard Products?

Why Should You Use Beard Oil?

Beard oil offers you a ton of benefits, but many have the misconception that beard oil is for, well, your beard and that is correct and incorrect at the same time. Beard oil is used to moisturize and deliver nutrients to your skin. It indirectly helps your hair grow healthier and faster by keeping your skin and hair follicles healthy. For the best results, you should include beard oil in your morning and night routine daily.

How do you use Beard Oil?

There are a few ways to use beard oil and really depends on the length of your beard. Both will focus on getting the oil to your skin so it can do it's job.

For a shorter beard (Just long enough to pinch the hair), add a few drops to your hands and rub it into your skin. Use a beard brush to evenly distribute the oil.

For longer beards, add drops of your beard oil directly to your skin via the dropper that comes with 814 beard oils. Insert the dropper below your beard directly to the skin, then rub the oil in.

Getting the oil on your beard hair is perfectly fine as well, but keep in mind that too much of any product effects the look of your hair. In the case of beard oil, too much will make your hair look oily and shiny. A few drops goes a long way.

Why Should I Use Beard Balm?

Beard Balm is great for your beard for so many reasons. Beard balm is a great way to moisturize your beard hair, keep it soft and manage it once it gets longer. Keeping your beard hair a softer will benefit your significant other, more than you though. 814 Beard Balm also offers a light hold while moisturizing your hair.

How Do You Use Beard Balm?

Beard balm is easy to apply. Take a small pea size amount. Rub it in between your hands until it turns oily. Rub it in your beard (Make sure to get the underside of your beard) and then style. Really simple!

Similar to the beard oil, little goes a long way. Play around with amounts until you find the right amount for your beard. Start with a pea size and add more if needed. Be careful though, too much can leave your beard looking shiny and oily.

Why Use Beard Wash?

Aren't all shampoos the same? The short answer is usually no! Using 814 Beard Wash as an example, we use a high quality, light shampoo and infuse it with carrier oils to ensure it won't dry out your beard. Beard Shampoo should not leave your beard feeling heavy or dry.

Why Shouldn't I Use A Regular Plastic Comb On My Beard?

A comb is a comb right? That could not be farther from the truth! Plastic combs can actually damage your hair. This is because plastic combs have small jagged imperfections which can snag and pull on your hair. Further to that, they can actually increase split ends which will leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Further to that, they increase static in your beard which adds to the frizz.

Wooden combs can have these problems as well, but not to the same extent of plastic. Wooden combs also hold some of the beard oil your use, so helps spread the beard oil.

Here at 814, our personal preference is ox horn beard combs. Due to the similar molecular composition of our own hair, it helps to reduce frizz. It also does not trap static electricity, so it helps to balance your hair's electrical charge. The ox horn combs are also much smoother as they are manufactured from one solid piece, so they do not pull at the hair creating a better combing experience.

Why Should I Use A Boar Bristle Beard Brush?

Beard Brushes are key to maintaining a short or long beard. The Boar Bristle Beard Brushes have traces of sebum which makes them naturally conditioning tools. They also help to spread your oil or balm throughout your beard avoiding too much in one area. Boar Bristles also help avoid in-grown hairs by cleaning out dead skin cells from clogging your pores. Brushes also help train your beard hair to grow in the right direction. You should be using a boar bristle beard brush from the beginning of your beard journey.

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