Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Grow A Beard

Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Grow A Beard

Mistakes People Make When They Try To Grow A Beard

Growing a beard is not easy. It takes patience and routine to grow a nice beard. Here are some of the common a big mistakes people make when trying to grow their beard.

Giving Up Too Soon

I'm sure you have heard someone say they didn't like how their beard looked after a few weeks. The truth is, beard hair only grows half an inch per month on average and you have to get through the "ugly stage". Some people may have patches or thin spots, but those usually are hidden once the beard grows out a bit. Be patient and wait 3 months before making any decisions. You will be shocked and what your beard will look like then.

Thinking Beard Products Are For Long Beards Only

Although this one is partly true in the case of a comb or beard balm, most beard products should be used immediately. Your basics should be beard oil, a beard brush and a good beard wash. Beard oil will keep the beard itches away and help your beard grow healthier and faster. You should be brushing your beard as soon as you can pinch the hair. This will be huge for you later in your beard journey as this trains the hair to grow in a certain direction. You will also want to use the shampoo one or twice a week increasing to every two days once it is longer. Using a beard wash that keeps your beard clean and hydrated will keep it healthy and avoid in-grown hairs.

Not Trimming Your Beard Properly

Trimming your beard is a huge part of your satisfaction with your beard. You should wait 3 months before you start, but keeping it maintained is important. Watch Youtube videos, ask friends, but find your trimming routine. Generally, once a week or every 2 weeks is enough for most people, but find your timing. You are only cleaning up the lines and getting rid of any fly aways for the first 3-6 months though until it is ready to shape.

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